Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Preparing for yoga session ( sadhana)

I still remember my first yoga session, I was a teenager and my head was full of thoughts, impulses and emotions.
One of the first things that the yoga teacher told us, was to relax, close our eyes, empty the mind and leave everything that happened in that day , behind, like a coat on the floor.
After that, the teacher told us to create a sacred space around us, to fill it with peace and harmony.
He also told us that we can try at  home to create a special place for our practice, lighting some aromatic candles, putting some suggestive images around us, like yantras or manadalas.
I still try to create a space that is special for my practice and I find nature , the best place for a yoga practice.
The most important thing is always to give ourselves a moment between our activities, to become aware about what we did and what we are going to do and, as they always say , you have to stand "naked" before the Divine.
This "nudity" means taking off our daily personality for a while, give ourselves a break, get closer to our inner space.
This preparation moment before starting a yoga practice is necessary for the transition between our profane self , to our sacred self.
 Some people prefer doing asanas using a music as a background sound, I personally prefer the silence, or the nature's sounds.
Whatever helps you to create your own sacred place, don't forget to fill it with love and gratitude.

Wishing you a peaceful day!

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