Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What is yoga ?

Many people ask me what is yoga? Is it a religion? Is it a sport? Is it a cult ?
It's always a bit difficult to explain that, first of all yoga is a tool, a support, a way and a path towards something greater, which is ourselves and the Divine.
When I first had my contact with yoga I was very little, around 7-8 years old, my brother was a teenager and was trying to practice yoga at home.
I would spy on him and try to imitate him like a little monkey, without knowing what is behind all those movements called asanas.
Being a teenager myself, I started to have a big curiosity about my body and how it works and then I rediscovered yoga , at a yoga school in Bucharest and I understood that it's like a science combined with spirituality.
Yoga is the perfect union of spiritual and rational, religion and science.
I think that yoga has so many levels of knowledge, it starts from the basics which is your body through physical exercises and breathing technics, then it slowly takes you to a deep level which is meditation and modified states of the consciousness.
The ultimate goal of an authentic yoga practitioner is always to reach a higher level of spirituality and approach through the Divine and his own essence.

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